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Background kit
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    This manual background support system is a perfect substitute for expensive electrical roller system. Durable yet light weight. Counter-balanced chain and gear assembly makes raising and lowering your backgrounds quick and easy.
    Assembly and operation instructions included. Very easy for installation on your studio wall or ceiling. Economical and convenient. Use with PVC or aluminum tube


    This Motorized electric Background Drive Set can drive 4 paper/muslin/cloth background rolls. They can be fixed on concrete wall or ceiling.It is very easy working with full length background paper/muslin/cloth. The expans fit into each end of the tubes, then fit firmly onto the hooks. Using Wireless remote controller will enable you to hang 3 rolls of paper/muslin/cloth.

    Compatible with:
    Can be installed on concrete wall or ceiling

    This Motorized electric Background Drive Set can drive 4 paper/muslin/cloth background rolls.
    They can be fixed on the Wall or Ceiling
    This motor can support Max 4.5KG.
    This equipment fit the pipe which diameter 5-6.5 cm
    The power is 220V.
    Product Configuration:
    Four axis hook (one pair)
    Electric expander set (4 pairs)
    Radio controler (one)
    Radio Receiver (one)
    1.Light stand, Fabric cores or Metal/PVC tubing , battery are NOT included.
    2.The battey for controller is not included,because our customs is strict to battery.
    You have to order 3pcs batteries in our local store,the type of battery is 23A (12V).
    It’s easy to order and cheap price


    • Voltage:220V/110V
    • Operation type:Radio control
    • Distance of remote control:15m
    • Suitable for mounting on the wall or ceilling
    • One set can hang 6pcs backgrounds

    Package Included:

    2 x 4-fold background hooks

    6 x Motorized electric rollers

    1 x Signal receiver


    Complementing the Backgrounds-in-a-Bag, this unique package will support seamless paper up to 11′ in width, as well as accommodate the 12′ width of the Backgrounds-in-a-Bag, or any brand of muslin background.

    The system consists of 2 heavy-duty professional support stands with 3 positive locking levers and tubular legs, a sturdy 4 piece crossbar that snaps together with positive button locking devices, and a heavy-duty canvas carry bag.

    It is suggested to secure the stands with gaffer tape, or weight bags when using any background setup where there are several people, or active children on the set.

    Strong support for paper, or cloth backgrounds.
    Crossbar may be used in 2 or 3 sections.


    The beauty dish reflector is a legendary light shaping tool popularized by fashion and portrait photographers. This Impact 22″ Beauty Dish Reflector lives up to its potential by offering a bridge between softboxes and umbrellas that yields a soft but crisp light with snappy contrast and a textural quality that flatters makeup on models and accentuates character in portrait subjects. The secret is a built-in deflector that bounces the flash’s direct output backwards, filling the shallow dish and casting a wide beam of soft light forward. The Beauty Dish fits most major brands with the separate purchase of an adapter.

    The Beauty Dish can also be used in combination with a diffuser sock or honeycomb grid, which allows for further modification of the light output.


    The perfect accessory for the portrait photographer, the Fotodiox beauty dish uniquely diffuses light to provide high output with moderate feathering. Unlike a softbox or a reflector which has an “illuminating” surface, the beauty dish has a circle of light with an opaque center and an internal light shield that allows bounce-only lighting. How does the beauty dish compare to a softbox? As the beauty dish is smaller, it will result in less-soft shadows. It will also provide moderate round catch lights in the eyes, where a softbox will yield larger rectangular catch lights. Fotodiox beauty dishes use a parabolic reflector in 80° angle to focus light towards a wrapped area.

    The Fotodiox beauty dish also come with a diffusion ‘sock’ for further controlling the sharpness of shadows. You can use soft diffuser cover and honeycomb grid to further change the light pattern, creating a wrapped, contrasted look, which adds a very dramatic effect. The optional 50° Honeycomb Grid contains the light to a more tubular pattern, for more of a spot light effect without light spill. (sold separately)


    Deep Octa softboxes have become the most popular shape among Rotalux users. The narrow shaped Deep Octa reduces the spread of light and offers sharper shadows compared to standard sized octagonal softboxes. They provide a very even diffuse light over the front screen and are an excellent crispy and direct light when used without diffusers to give a beauty dish look.

    The easy mounting Rotalux system is probably the most widely copied of all Softbox systems. However, it is easier to copy a design than a quality and they remain the best units in their class.

    They are lightweight and unlike many other softboxes, fold down just like an umbrella and can be easily stored in the included carrying bag. The quality of light is outstanding because of their construction and the internal diffuser provides the softest and most even light possible. The optional deflector set takes advantage of the unique Elinchrom central shaft to modify the softness / hardness and colour like no other softbox system.


    The Mobiflash soft box 20 x 30 cm can be opened up in seconds and easy on all common flash units. It is simply a Velcro strap attached and the non-stick coating on the inner sides from slipping. Such as the large soft box for studio flash, it is with a special silver reflector inside structure which ensures an even distribution of light. Also includes a rear diffuser available in the box that can be used for even softer light. The particularly low weight and compact size makes it ideal for use on the go and should not be missing from any outdoor shooting.<br/>° can be folded to save space<br/> ° ready to use in seconds<br/> ° Lightweight<br/> ° easy to carry.<br/> ° Weight: 50g (approx.<br/> ° Dimensions: 20 x 30 cm<br/> ° comes with practical case<br/> Box Contents:<br/>1x Mobiflash softbox 20 x 30 cm For system flashes


    Material :Cotton. No splicing,seamless,washed, reused.
    The Backdrop is HD digital printing, decoration and camera effect is good.
    Supports customization of various sizes.

    Practicability: Family, Photography studio, Wedding, Newborn, Children,Party, Kids Photos.
    Backdrops quality and durability are the most important for family and new photography studio.


    3 and 5
    Rod Size 10 feet (3 Mtr)

    Product Description

    For catering the variegated demands of our respected clients, we are highly engrossed in providing a wide range of Motorized Background System.


    • Designed to meet the needs of today’s demanding photographic work, Modern Motorized Background Support System is the ultimate answer to all the background management needs. With proven convenience in use and efficiency in operation, Modern Motorized Background Support System is available in two ranges which can support either 3 or 5 backgrounds.
    • The user can keep backgrounds mounted on the system and ready to use. Backgrounds stay out of the way without blocking the studio floor and free of the crease which is important in canvas backgrounds. Changing of background is quick and easy.
    • Competitively priced and manufactured to a high specification Modern Motorized background support systems offers stability and flexibility.

    The motorized background support system consists of the following:

    • Driving Unit
    • Support Unit
    • Remote Control Box
    • Rollers pipes
    • Ceiling / Wall mounting brackets


    • Slim and Elegant: The system is compact with all the components enclosed in a metal case. All units including the roller pipes are power coated. When mounted, the system gives an attractive look with the best use of overhead space.
    • Sturdy and Strong: All the components related to rotary motion are made of iron and aluminum casting with best bi-metal combination to give smooth rotation and years of lasting.
    • Multiple Backgrounds: Modern motorized background system is available in the range of 3-in-1 and 5-in-1 units, which are designed to hold up to 3 and 5 full-size backgrounds respectively.
    • Completely Overhead mounting: The entire system is mounted overhead which means no obstruction on the studio floor, no chains and no dangling parts. When not in use, Modern motorized background system is overhead and out of the way, allowing complete versatility in the use of your studio space.
    • Wall and Ceiling mounting: Modern motorized background system can be installed on mounting brackets. Then the brackets can be attached by securing it to ceiling joist or wall studs as required.
    • Special Motors: The system features special high-torque powerful motors with inbuilt reduction gears. The gear ratio and roller diameter are designed to make changing backgrounds a quick and easy task.
    • Easy Background Change: In addition to the already mounted backgrounds, you can have more backgrounds on separate rollers. These rollers can be easily changed by simply sliding the support end of the system, taking off the mounted background and loading the new background.
    • Easy to operate: Once the system is installed, the backgrounds can be raised and lowered by feather touch microswitches provided on the cabled remote control box. The control box can be held and operated by one hand.
    • Safe and powerful: Modern motorized background support system can be plugged into the standard power supply and requires no special wiring. All units including motors and electronic components are fused and grounded for safety.

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