GP rechargeable battery


GP rechargeable battery

GP ReCyko+ Pro 4 AA Charged Rechargeable Batteries 2000mAh & USB Charger

Buy GP ReCyko+ Pro USB from GP. Ideal for Charging 2 or 4xAA/AAA Batteries. The USB charger Displays Charging progress via LED Indicator, Free UK Delivery

This USB Charger from GP comes with 4 x ReCyko+ 2000mAh AA batteries. Included

Save money, safe charging and easy handling, at an UNBEATABLE price! The GP USB Battery Charger offers an economical solution to charging your NiMH batteries.

Whether you need to charge AAA or AA batteries, the GP ReCyko+ Pro charger is simple and convenient to use. Just put in your batteries and leave it charging overnight. The automatic timer control guarantees a safe charging process after which you can take your charged batteries out when needed.

It will take approx 8 Hours to Charge the batteries from flat (2000 Mah)

These GP Recyko+ Pro rechargeable batteries are ready to use straight from the packet. They will stay 70% after 5 Years This effectively makes them as convenient to use as disposable batteries, but with the power and savings of a rechargeable.

Charging Times :


AA 2000mAh in 8 hours
AAA 800mAh in 8 hours

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