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    An uprated camera is equipped with a 1-inch Megapixel sensor capable of shooting 4K/60Fps video and burst mode stills at 14 fps. The adoption of Titanium alloy and magnesium alloy construction increases the rigidity of the Airframe and reduces weight, making the Phantom 4 Pro similar in weight to the Phantom 4. The Flight Autonomy system adds dual rear vision sensors and infrared sensing systems for a total of five-directions of obstacle sensing and four-directions of obstacle avoidance. Intelligent Flight Battery Capacity5870 mAh , Voltage 15.2 V, Charging Temperature Range 5° to 40°C and Max Charging Power 160 W


    • Camera with 1-inch 20MP sensor the onboard camera has been redesigned to use a 1-inch Megapixel CMOS sensor.
    • More powerful video processing supports H.264 4K videos at 60fps or H.265 4K at 30fps, both with a 100Mbps bitrate
    • Max Flight Time Approx. 30 minutes
    • Five-directions of obstacle sensing. Please refer the Instructional Video and the User Manual before use.
    • Note: Refer the Instructional Video and the User Manual before use which is highly recommended.

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