HITI Printer P720
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    Built from guiding principle, HiTi P720L was designed to maximize your photofinishing profits by increasing uptime, shortening printing time and providing multi-applications. HiTi P720L is recommended to use with HiTi Picvite Suite, which is easy and with less investment to create your highly scalable and profitable photofinishing business.

    HiTi P720L Features

    • Increasing Uptime: By 1000-print capacity design, HiTi P720L is much less often in changing media and gives more selling time. Also, high capacity roll reduces staff interruption
    • Shortening Printing Time: Roll-fed mechanism design with HiTi outstanding printing technology gets 4″x6″ (10x15cm) prints within 7.9 seconds
    • Fitting in Multi-Applications: With full front-access design, HiTi P720L can be integrated in unattended or semi-attended Kiosk system at retail. With HiTi Picvite Suite, HiTi P720L, as a micro mass photofinishing system, is capable of competing against silver halide
    • Professional Software Improving Working Efficiency from Input to Output: HiTi Picvite Suite consists of Picvite Kiosk (express) and Picvite Minilab (express) built with friendly user interface creating memorable printing experience for both retail customers and studio owners
    • HiTi Picvite Kiosk (Express) Software: HiTi Picvite Kiosk (express) provides a platform for front-end operation where it takes the most photofinishing orders and a fully functional administration system for back-end management
    • HiTi Picvite Minilab (Express) Software: To increase working efficiency at photo shops, HiTi Picvite Minilab (Express) offers powerful tools for shop owners to efficiently handle mass print orders, quickly process digital images and real time monitor printer status
    • Color Optimization: HiTi Color Technology offers two color preferences for different printout request. HiTi Passport Photo Color produces superior skin tones in portrait; HiTi Classic Color provides brilliant life-like true color reproduction for your digital images
    • Hassle-free Operation: By straightforward instruction, getting HiTi P720L ready is not laborious any more
    • Prime Quality in Matte Finish: Apart from glossy photos, HiTi P720L is capable of matte finish. No media change required!
    • Diverse Print Formats: HiTi P720L allows most diversity in print sizes, including 4″x6″, 4″x6″-2UP, 5″x7″, 5″x7″-2UP, 6″x8″, 6″x9″ and 6″x9″-2U

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