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    Hoya 49mm HD Digital UV filter offers the best optical performance of any Hoya filter. High definition filters, manufactured of hardened optical glass to protect them from scratches and damage. Specialized coatings are added to the glass to make them water-proof and stain resistant. Features include chemically enhanced optical glass is 4x stronger, 8-layer Anti-Reflective Multi-Coating which greatly increase light transmission, Water and oil repellent, scratch and stain resistant, Wide-angle lens compatible ultra thin frame. Hoya HD 49mm UV filter is suitable for lenses with filter thread of 49mm.

    The Hoya HD UV range features hardened glass, with 4x the tensile strength of traditional filters of similar fabrication. This filter is also of great use in today’s digital market where sensors are more sensitive to reflected light. Hoya incorporates special coatings that reduce these internal reflections and, thereby, promote a clearer, brighter and sharper image. The multi-coating used in this filter is made up of 8 layers on each side that promote 99.35% light transmission.

    Hoya is one of the largest manufacturers of glass in the filter industry. In collaboration with its parent company, Tokina Optical, Hoya continues to strive to produce some of the best glass on the market. Currently, they hold 40% of the world’s market for optical glass.

    The advantage of most Hoya filters is that Hoya puts, at least, one layer of anti-reflective coating on each side of their glass. It is not bare glass. Even if the glass is not multi-coated, this kind of production tends to minimize flare and ghosting.

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