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    The YN-600II LED 3200-5500K Light is one of a series of LED lights from Yongnuo Digital. This 3200-5500K tungston/daylight-adjustable unit offers two dimming modes (rough and fine), an IR remote control, four barndoors, a power-on/luminance adjustment knob, fan cooling, and two filter panels (one orange, one white). Up to three lights can be grouped via the IR remote control at a distance of up to 49′. A downloadable mobile phone app is available to control the light as well.

    Designed for DSLR and camcorders shoots, the YN-600II LED 3200-5500K Light can be powered using two Sony NP-F series batteries or via an optional AC adapter. A push-button numerical LED display shows the remaining battery power. The YN-600II LED 3200-5500K Light mounts to a stand (not included), or can be handheld using the included handle.

    300 daylight and 300 tungsten–balanced LEDs, 3200-5500K variable color temperature
    Barndoors, two filter panels (one orange, one white) CT filters, and handle are included
    Power using a Sony NP-F series battery or via an optional AC adapter
    3-channel IR remote control (included), and mobile phone RC app (download available)
    Push-button LED display of color temperature mode, remaining battery-charge, and dimming mode
    Mount to a stand or handhold with the included handle
    Power/luminance adjustment knob

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