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    Some Nikon cameras can’t show images when connect the monitor , please don’t worry ,just please disconnect the monitor , and set your camera .

    Menu-Setup menu-HDMI-Device control-off

    Product Function:
    DC-70 is a portable LCD monitor for use with an Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera or an Interchangeable Lens Digital HD Video Camera Recorder with an HDMI terminal and live view mode. It can display HDMI video output from the camera. The following functions help you to see the image more clearly and take better pictures.
    Wide viewing angle LCD screen
    Useful functions such as peaking and pixel-by-pixel zoom
    Controls camera shutter release, ensures the long-distance monitor.
    Moveable shoe adaptor enables easy removal when using a camera that has an auto lock accessory shoe.
    Works with rechargeable battery or power adapter.

    Dimensions(W×H×D): Approx. 191×128×36 mm
    Weight: Approx. 480g (Excluding battery)
    Color: Black
    Operating temperature: +0 to +40°C (+32 to +104°F)
    Storage temperature: -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
    Power Supply: DC 8V~18V
    Battery: FM500H / QM71D / QM91D
    LCD panel size: Approx 7’’
    Resolution: 1280×800 pixels
    Speaker: Yes
    Input jack: Input jack 1 HDMI ×1 / Input jack 2 AV ×1
    Input jack 3 DC IN (power adapter plug)
    Input jack 4 USB upgrade jack
    Output jack:Headphones output jack / Output jack 1 HDMI ×1

    LCD Monitor x 1
    Sun shade hood × 1
    Standard shoe × 1
    > HDMI Cable Type A-Type C × 1
    Protective Bag x 1
    F550 battery (gift) x 1
    Battery Charger(gift) x 1
    Original Packing x 1

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