Godox DP 400W Studio Light

  • The Godox DPII series is a durable and reliable studio stroboscope to support the daily work of photographers in the photography or studio workshop. it excellent for wedding, advertisement, portrait, fashion, and glamour shooting.
  • DP400II flash with built-in 2.4G wireless X system has a comprehensive upgrade from the first generation with sophisticated design, advanced technique and abundant functions.
  • Flash duration of 1/2000-1/800s and 0.3-1.2s recycle time, Optional wireless power control and flash activation system. An optional FT-16 remote control can wirelessly adjust the flash power and trigger the flash.
  • Output stability, self-discharge function without manual flash mode. 3 modes(OFF, PROP and Percentage) of 150W modeling lamp, whose light brightness can be adjusted from 5%-100%, Auto recover the adjusted settings after a restart.
  • Bowens mount adds various light shaping accessories, easy combination with any Godox flash which has built-in Godox wireless X system, likes AD360II series, AD600 series, AD200, TT685 series, TT350 series speedlite.

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