Godox Poineer Light 200W

Overview Description BrandGodox Godox Mini Pioneer Studio Flash Head is designed for photographers seeking a high quality studio equipment at an affordable price. With its well-chosen key components and parts, the product is of high quality, stability and reliability for all portrait, fashion, wedding art, advertisement photography and video shooting etc. Feature: With a standard interface good commonality, can match the softbox, block light, near the reflective umbrella, etc Use high temperature resistant flame retardant engineering plastics, good safety Promise that move light, stable performance Specification: Output power: 200W Input voltage: 200V—240V/110V Recycle time: 0.5-3 sec. Modeling lamp: 75W Output control: step less 1/8-full Flash duration (sec.):1/2000-1/800 Flash triggering method: Sync cord, Slave, Test button, Flash trigger Color temperature: 5600K±200K New weight: Approx 870g Fuse:5A

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