Jacker ND filter 72


Jacker ND filter 72

  • Only 7mm thickness, Wide-angle lens compatible ultra thin frame
  • With Zomei Variable Density Neutral Gray filters, users can select the intensity from ND2 (1 f-stop) to ND400 (8+ f-stops) by rotating the front ring
  • Glass mounted with high pressure press technology
  • Original AGC Optical Glass from Japan
  • All Materials Used in this filter Meet the Requirements of European Union’s standards of Environment Protection-ROHS(Restrictions on Hazardous Substances)


By rotating the end of the lens you are able to control the amount of light (between +1 and +8 stop values) that enters the lens. Foe example, f/4 instead of f/8 for selective sharpness instead of great depth of field, or 1/15s instead of 1/60s for a smooth, blurred water effect instead of a ‘frozen’ waterfall.

Color Shift?

The color of the image may vary between warm and cold. This is a common phenomenon of all variable ND filters. You need to as just your white balance accordingly when set the ND filter to different ranges.

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