Palabolic Umbrella 180CM


Palabolic Umbrella 180CM

Product Highlights

  • 72″/ 180cm in diameter
  • Black outside, silver inside>
  • Fibre glass rib

72″ (180cm) Umbrella Diffuser Cloth

  • Designed to be used with the 72 inches / 180cm  Jinbei umbrella


Jinbei Umbrella for a clear lighting with strong contrasts and brilliant colors

The Umbrella with a diameter of approx. 180cm is a space-saving and light-weight alternative to softboxes of comparable size. With this Reflex Umbrella, which is coated in silver on the inside and black on the outside, you get a clear lighting with strong contrasts and brilliant colors. Due to the black outer coating, stray light is reduced and the loss of light is thus minimized. It is particularly well-suited for product photography or for the emphasis of moods in portrait photography. The flexible possibilities of use and the small size make it the ideal companion on location.The Umbrella is simply mounted in the umbrella holder of your studio flash.

Jinbei Umbrella Diffuser for portrait, product and still-life photography
The Reflex Umbrella Diffuser by walimex turns a normal reflex umbrella into an umbrella softbox. Due to its transparency, it creates a very soft light characteristic. This makes it very well-suited for portrait, product and still-life photography.

Extremely compact
The umbrella and umbrella diffuser can be folded flat for transport and be kept in their transport bags. They are ideal for mobile photographers.

Included in the package


  • 1 x Jinbei 72″ (180cm) Deep Umbrella Black & White
  • 1 x Xite 72″ (180cm) Deep Umbrella Diffuser Cloth
  • 1 x Carry Bag

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