four in one socket studio
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    Photo Video 4in1 Socket Studio Light Bulb Lamp Head Multi-Holder

    Four-Holder Light is applicable for shooting in studios or workshops.

    – This light has four E27 holders to fix 4 bulbs.

    – Two Switches control the on/off of the bulbs.

    – With Umbrella hole to hold studio umbrellas.

    – The ideal continuous lighting source. The safe and reliable light is easy to operate.

    – Can install a softbox (such as rectangle, quadrangle, and octagonal softboxes).

    – The head acts as a speedring for the dedicated softbox.

    – Built-in control handle to protect you from hot light body during operation.

    – Design for Film Camera, Digital Photo and Video Shooting.

    – Ideal for Online Sellers or Userage in House or Small Office.

    Remarks: This item is not including photo bulbs, umbrella, softbox and light stand.

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