Mobile 3IN1 Backdrop
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    Rod Size 10 feet (3 Mtr)

    Product Description

    For catering the variegated demands of our respected clients, we are highly engrossed in providing a wide range of Motorized Background System.


    • Designed to meet the needs of today’s demanding photographic work, Modern Motorized Background Support System is the ultimate answer to all the background management needs. With proven convenience in use and efficiency in operation, Modern Motorized Background Support System is available in two ranges which can support either 3 or 5 backgrounds.
    • The user can keep backgrounds mounted on the system and ready to use. Backgrounds stay out of the way without blocking the studio floor and free of the crease which is important in canvas backgrounds. Changing of background is quick and easy.
    • Competitively priced and manufactured to a high specification Modern Motorized background support systems offers stability and flexibility.

    The motorized background support system consists of the following:

    • Driving Unit
    • Support Unit
    • Remote Control Box
    • Rollers pipes
    • Ceiling / Wall mounting brackets


    • Slim and Elegant: The system is compact with all the components enclosed in a metal case. All units including the roller pipes are power coated. When mounted, the system gives an attractive look with the best use of overhead space.
    • Sturdy and Strong: All the components related to rotary motion are made of iron and aluminum casting with best bi-metal combination to give smooth rotation and years of lasting.
    • Multiple Backgrounds: Modern motorized background system is available in the range of 3-in-1 and 5-in-1 units, which are designed to hold up to 3 and 5 full-size backgrounds respectively.
    • Completely Overhead mounting: The entire system is mounted overhead which means no obstruction on the studio floor, no chains and no dangling parts. When not in use, Modern motorized background system is overhead and out of the way, allowing complete versatility in the use of your studio space.
    • Wall and Ceiling mounting: Modern motorized background system can be installed on mounting brackets. Then the brackets can be attached by securing it to ceiling joist or wall studs as required.
    • Special Motors: The system features special high-torque powerful motors with inbuilt reduction gears. The gear ratio and roller diameter are designed to make changing backgrounds a quick and easy task.
    • Easy Background Change: In addition to the already mounted backgrounds, you can have more backgrounds on separate rollers. These rollers can be easily changed by simply sliding the support end of the system, taking off the mounted background and loading the new background.
    • Easy to operate: Once the system is installed, the backgrounds can be raised and lowered by feather touch microswitches provided on the cabled remote control box. The control box can be held and operated by one hand.
    • Safe and powerful: Modern motorized background support system can be plugged into the standard power supply and requires no special wiring. All units including motors and electronic components are fused and grounded for safety.

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